Frequently Asked Questions

ELF Traveler Details Form

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section, we encourage you to check here first because chances are great, the answer can be found here.

Question: We are poly swinger’s, and would like to bring our partner with us; is this possible, and what are my options?

Answer: Yes, you can room with your third partner; simply select the “Threesome” or triple rate option; submit the minimum required nonrefundable, triple rate room deposit at time of booking. If you add someone to your room after your first receipt has been issued, they will be charged the nightly rate.

Question: We placed a deposit, who is required to fill out the online traveler form located (Traveler Details Form)?

Answer: Whomever is responsible for making payments toward the remaining room balance, is also the person responsible for filling out a form that includes the government names of everyone registered in that room. If you are booked under the triple occupancy rate, there must be three full names on that submitted form, and for dbl occupancy rates, you must have two full names. The only exception are those who don’t have a roommate, and have indicated they are open to sharing a room with someone also needing a roommate. April 1st, those who haven’t selected a roommate will be assigned one, or they can opt to pay the single rate, which is an additional 50% more than the advertised rate for each room type listed. In the event that room account becomes delinquent, the person submitting the form is whom we will contact. In the event a traveler is at risk of losing their room, we will contact the Group/Team who referred them, so they can deduct the room from their referral count.


Question: How can I make payments, or additional payments towards my trip balance?
**Using this option will incur no additional costs, else you will be responsible for any shortage received by us.
2. Chase Bank Quick Pay Email: (FREE)
3. Money Order or Cashier Check made payable to “Six Degrees of Entertainment” (FREE)
Please include in Payment Memos (Required to properly credit your account.): Full Legal Name(s) | Room Type

**Online convenient payment processing services are 3rd party businesses, and do charge, and will deduct their transaction fee from our end. Example Square cash charges a 1.9% processing fee, sending $100 will result in only $98.10 being applied towards your trip balance. The general rule is to include an additional $1.9% in addition to the payment to avoid a shortage being credited to your travel balance. We also accept cash, money order or cashier check during all Club Meet4More events.

Question: Can I change my room type after receiving my deposit/payment receipt? Our female friend wants to stay in our room?

Answer: Yes, you can add a third male or female, but they would be charged the “triple occupancy” rate, and your rate type and payment schedule wouldn’t change. EXAMPLE: Jack n Jill booked a double occupancy GVR room, are issued a receipt from Annie Leigh; later they decide Snow White is going to stay in their Double Occupancy GVR room; she would pay the current Per Person Triple Occupancy Nightly rate, and they would continue paying the original room type rate.

Question: Our female friend booked along with us for the triple occupancy rate plan, would our payments change if she drops out, and is the money she paid transferable towards our balance?

Answer: Yes your payments would change, because the resort would consider this a double occupancy booking, so the rate would increase to the double occupancy rate. The only way to prevent your rate plan from increasing, is to provide a replacement room guest who can provide a non refundable deposit, and ability to make monthly payments on their balance. EXAMPLE: Jack, Jill and Snow White are booked under the triple occupancy rate, after receiving their receipt, Jill drops out; the room rate type would switch to double occupancy, unless they can find another person to confirm as booked in Jill’s place; but that person must place a non refundable deposit to confirm booking in a triple occupancy room. Any deposit/payments received towards the room balance is is non transferable and non refundable, in the case where the 3rd person drops out, unless they booked travelers insurance through a 3rd party company.

Question: We are only curious about the nudist options, are we required to partake in the swinging activities?

Answer: Just like all our sponsored events, this trip is always ‘no pressure’, ‘your option’ and ‘no always means no’.

Question: I have an emergency but I’ve placed my deposit, and started making payments; can I have a refund?

Answer: The resort, has a strict, no refund no transfer policy (you cannot transfer your deposit or payments to another traveler’s account, nor can we issue a credit), meaning under no circumstances can we offer a refund, or even entertain the conversation; but you can purchase travel insurance to protect you in cases such as |

Question: Is 420 legal on the resort?

Answer: Yes, 420 is legal for recreational use in Jamaica, and a person is allowed to possess up to 2 ounces for personal use. You can smoke anywhere cigarettes are allowed. The general rule is no smoking within 100 feet of food, pool areas, or anywhere designated a no smoking area. 420 is very reasonable and easily purchased on the resort’s beach area.

Question: What are the room types?
Unsure about the available room types? Here are the links to assist you with choosing your “Ebony Love Festival” resort room. 

1. Garden View Room (GVR)
2. Ocean View Room (OVR)