Odell and Anne (Annie Leigh) 


Married lifestyle friendly couple of 25+ years. As partners in “Six Degrees of Entertainment”, we bring a wealth of knowledge hosting and organizing large scale lifestyle events, entertainment and web marketing solutions. Other independent ventures include “O&A Entertainment”, which encompasses adult lifestyle brands, Club Meet4MoreSwinging Playdates and Xplicit Divas. We are are your average, approachable, friendly lifestyle couple.Every 4th Friday of the month, we host private large scale adult lifestyle social parties in the Chicago South Suburbs, 15 minutes West of N.W. Indiana and 20 minutes South of Chicago Loop area.

Tha DJ HI Speed and Mz. Paige

speed n paige

Mz. Paige and Will aka Tha DJ HI Speed make up the dynamic duo affectionately known as #TeamSpeed#. We are a happily married couple together for 18yrs with a knack for socializing and entertaining.  We make up 1/3 of partnership under 6 Degrees of Entertainment, while being owners of HI Speed Entertainment and also business affiliate to Gold N Dayz Travel. We have been Lifestyle affiliated for approx 11 years starting out as host and resident DJ for the hottest LS club in the Midwest under Club Meet 4 More for about 6 years. Paige is the social butterfly you can catch mixing and mingling while Speed is the DJ that’s guaranteed to keep you on your feet. We enjoy traveling and entertaining like minded people and look forward to creating unbelievable memories with those that have chosen to travel along with us.

BIG CHUD and Mahogany (Phat)


17+ years married couple who always brings a unique element to events. This started in 2003 with the launch of “Freaky Fridayz Xxx-clusive Events” with Big CHUD being the party rocking Dj and Mahogany as the gracious vivacious host. Now as partners in “Six Degrees of Entertainment” they have recaptured the magic of “music and Mahogany”! “We are a very down to earth couple who has proven that business and pleasure can be synonymous!” You can catch Big CHUD every 4th Fridays of the month mixing the hottest music at  CLUB MEET4MORE with Mahogany along side. Also, download free Big CHUD mixes at www.bigchud.podomatic.com.